giip - Do not login your server any more !!

We do our best to reduce efforts and spending time and cost of system engineers for system management. giip support all type of OS on cloud and legacy servers. If you have local server on local IP or DHCP IPs or flex IP as Azure, we can manage it without manual change. You does not spend time for watch many management window or cloud console, giip can see all type of cloud and legacy servers at one window. Any country, any location of your servers or IoT devices, we can find it and show you.

Ready to play?


Fully free by self service

If you have system management knowledge, then you can use giip by fully free!!

Command anywhere

You may command to server by mobile or any browsers.


Secure level like AWS or major cloud web service.

See what you need

Fully unstructred data support. You may get any configuration data or command result to web browser

Sales your Knowledge

If you have system managment knowledge, sell to market place.

Support plan

If you have any trouble of system managment, we support professional engineers.

You can earn by your knowledge!!

If you have system management knowledge, register and earn benefit at marketplace !!

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